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Are you tired of picking up after your furry friend?  Do you dread the dirty work of cleaning up the mess in your yard every morning? I know it can be a hassle, but I have a solution for you! Poop Scoop Utah, a local pet business, offers convenient and affordable pooper scooper service that will free up your time and keep your yard clean. Their professional team is dedicated to making sure that clients are completely satisfied with their services.

In this video, we break down the benefits of using a pooper scooper service, and why Poop Scoop Utah is the best choice for you and your pup. Say goodbye to doggy mess and hello to a cleaner, happier home with Poop Scoop Utah!

Behind the Scenes with Poop Scoop Utah - Utah's premier dog poop scooper service

I recently interviewed Amanda Simkins, the Marketing Manager of Poop Scoop Utah, my favorite local dog waste removal service here in the Salt Lake City metro area. You may have seen them at Yappy Hour in Salt Lake City where they help to clean up the parks after the events. The following is a summary of our discussion about various facets of their dog poop pickup service business.

In what ways does your dog poop cleaning service create value for pet owners and our local community?

A lot of our clients are people that are either disabled, elderly, or have families that are very busy and don't want to worry about scooping poop on their day off, or people that just don't enjoy this chore so they are happy to give it to us to take care of. Either way, we provide our clients with more time that they can spend on more valuable things like taking their dogs on a walk or spending more time with their friends and family members. In other words, we provide more valuable time for pet owners.

We also help our local community by providing consistently clean yards for dog lovers. We handle dog waste management for residential, commercial, and apartment complex clients, as well as public areas like parks. Poop Scoop Utah will be volunteering our time to cleaning up dog waste in local dog parks and popular dog-friendly walking trails throughout Utah. Our mission at Poop Scoop Utah is providing a clean and waste free environment to our communities. We also donate to the Utah Humane Society because we support their efforts with finding forever homes for the animals in need.

Is your dog poop removal service specifically for dog owners or do you extend your poop pick up service to owners of other pets as well?

All of our recurring clients are dog owners, but we have cleaned up waste from other animals, such as horses during the Days of ’47 Parade, cats, and we also helped with poop removal service from the geese at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Draper, UT. However, our main focus is on dogs for our waste removal business.

Can you share some stories on how your dog poop cleanup service has affected dog owners' lives, especially in terms of their relationships with their pets?

In addition to providing our dog owners more valuable time with their dogs and families, Poop Scoop Utah provides a consistently waste-free yard. We offer 1 and 2 times per week dog poop service. With the feedback we hear from our clients, they really appreciate that their yard is clean consistently. Sometimes it's hard for our clients to clean up the yard every single week with their busy schedules, so we are happy to provide this dog poop cleanup service to help them have a healthy dog and family, as well as a great looking and smelling yard.

How do you handle situations when you have to deal with aggressive or hard-to-handle pets?

We understand that we are going into a dog's territory when we are doing our cleanups, and sometimes dogs can have a bad reaction towards that. When we sign up new clients, one of the questions that we ask is if the dogs have access to the backyard at all times. We take the safety of our scoopers very seriously, and we ask that our clients leave their dogs inside or locked up during the cleanings for safety reasons. If the scooper has the opportunity to meet the dogs with the owners present and all parties are comfortable, then we leave that decision up to the scooper if they would be okay if the dogs were outside during the cleanups. We text all our clients that we are on our way so they know they will need to bring their dogs inside if that is the case.

Do you collaborate with any other pet-friendly businesses or services here in Utah?

Poop Scoop Utah loves to collaborate with pet-related businesses! We are just starting a business referral program where they can share our services with their clients and get paid a commission per signup we receive from them. We provide a signup link tied to their business and every time we sign up a new client from their link, we reward them for it. For any business that participates in our referral program, we have our scoopers hand out flyers/door hangers to our customers while they are out on their routes.

We feel it’s important to support and help out our fellow local businesses! We also do collaborations with influencers on social media. It's a lot of fun doing videos with local dogs that people know in our community. So if you have a local pet-related blog or social media account or know someone who does, we would love to collaborate with you! Any businesses or influencers that are interested in working with us please email me at Media@PoopScoopUtah.com.

How do you find people to work for your pooper scooper company?

We find new scoopers in a variety of ways; by word of mouth from our other scoopers, listings on job search websites like Indeed.com, social media, and through our website, of course.

How do you train new employees to work with people and their dogs?

New scoopers are usually trained by the team lead in their area. They will team up on jobs to make sure they are trained and feel comfortable to tackle their cleanups on their own. Once they are trained then they will be assigned their own route. Majority of our scoopers have dogs of their own and are comfortable being around other dogs as well. We also have training videos and other material that we go over with new scoopers.

Could you paint a picture of what an average day looks like for your scoopers?

Once a scooper is trained then they are assigned a route for the day. All scoopers sign into our app on their phone where they see their schedule and select the first job and then go down the list. The app will provide the location and any job notes that are needed to complete the dog poop removal. For example, some customers only need us to focus on certain areas of their yard, so we will provide that information to the scoopers. Once the job is completed, they place the waste in the owner's garbage can. The scooper then marks the job done in the app and moves on to the next job until their route for the day is finished.

How do your scoopers maintain a safe and hygienic environment during pet waste removal?

We have our scoopers clean their equipment regularly to provide a safe and hygienic environment for our customers and their dogs. To take it one step further, if clients would feel more comfortable with us using their pooper scooping equipment during their cleanings, we are happy to note their account and accommodate their request.

Are you currently hiring?

For all available great jobs, please visit our website at poopscooputah.com/jobs. We are always looking for great scoopers to join our team!

For all the pet owners who are looking for a reliable pooper scooper service, what's the best way for them to connect with you?

If you are interested in our pooper scooper service please call or text 801-382-9745 and our customer service team will be happy to get you on our schedule! You can also signup or contact us through our website at PoopScoopUtah.com.

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