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Collage of portraits of dogs, cats and horses and their people.

Next Steps

Thank you SO MUCH for entering my giveaway!!  Here's what's involved in my Custom Photography Experience:
1. A Pre-Session Planning Session
During this one hour session, we'll brainstorm about the artwork you've got your heart set on so I can direct the photo session with the end in mind. We'll hash out the details like what to wear, and any other questions you may have. And, naturally, I'm eager to meet your family and fur babies – they're the VIPs in this adventure, after all!  Finally, we'll decide on the where and when!
2. A Bespoke On-Location Or Studio Photo Session
We'll decide on the best setting during our pre-session chat. Got a wild idea? Don't be shy, let it out! I'm always game for some creative fun.  Maybe, even a hike like I did with Guinness to Corona Arch. 😉
There's no need to fret over time limits - We'll let your pet or horse call the shots.  Their attention span and energy level will determine how long the session lasts, typically around an hour or so.  It's all about keeping your four-legged star comfortable and content, so we can capture their spirit and personality in the most authentic way possible.  Let's make it a fun and relaxing experience for all!
3. An Image Reveal And Design Appointment
I will curate the images I think are worthy (and a few just for fun 🤣). Then I'll guide you through picking out your favorite images using my special software that will even put your art on YOUR walls so you can see exactly what it will look like right down to the frame. The rest of your images can go into a Mémoire Lumière Album or Story Box that makes your tail wag with joy.
4. $250 In Artwork Credit - Apply it to ANYTHING you want!  It's enough to get you one of my petite prints, but you're welcome to apply it to any of my stunning products.
Walnut Story Box holding dog portraits of two Golden Retrievers in black mats. Box is flanked by antique cameras.
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