The StoryBook

Our StoryBook is a unique experience. Experience an Italian handcrafted portfolio that blends traditional materials and binding with state-of-the-art printing. It is heart-driven and eco-friendly.

Simple yet elegant, our StoryBook is ideal for portraits of any kind, from pets to high-school seniors and families. Let your fingertips enjoy the naturally textured surfaces that speak to your heart. Our StoryBook features pure cotton handmade paper, made with a natural water-based process. No chemicals nor whitening agents are used. Our leather is certified hand-tanned and our Cloud leatherette is 100% recyclable. Even the packaging of the Storybook is designed to minimize its impact on the environment, using 100% recycled cardboard with no plastic elements.


We have an incredible selection of materials to elevate your Storybook. Whether you prefer premium leathers or eco-friendly Cloud leatherette, your Storybook will always look & feel perfect. Complete the wrap with the traditional strip, to be rolled and laced like Renaissance Age artists used to do with their scrapbooks.

Amalfi Cotton Paper

The stunning Amalfi Coast, now known for its tourism, gave birth to one of the most characteristic handcrafted traditions in Italy.  The cotton paper used in our StoryBook comes from family-driven paper mills that have kept their heritage from one generation to another, crafting every sheet of paper by hand!  Deckled Amalfi cotton paper completes the dreamy vision that is our StoryBook.

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