Red White & Snow 2024 Fundraiser

Toast the bond that warms you more than the finest wine, with portraits caturing your faithful companion's spirit!

Step 1: Book Your Bepoke Portrait Experience

Step 2: Plan the Perfect Photo Session

Step 3: Dream About Your Walls Coming Alive with Custom Masterpieces

My Creative Fee is $695, which includes a $500 Artwork Credit (details below), and $100 will go straight to the National Ability Center, championing individuals of all abilities to reach new heights through sport, recreation, and educational programs.


"Bluebonnet Joy"

With every Photography Experience booked during Red, White & Snow, I'm pledging $100 to the National Ability Center (NAC), a beacon of empowerment and joy for individuals embracing life’s adventures, regardless of ability.

Got a Question?
Grab a Free Consult Before You Book!

"20 Below & Blowing 20" 🥶

Step 2: Plan the Perfect Photo Experience

A Planning Session

We'll brainstorm about the kind of artwork you've got your heart set on, whether it's stunning Painterly Canvas Wall Art for your home or my exclusive Mémoire Lumière™ Album!  And, naturally, I'm eager to meet your family and fur babies – they're the VIPs in this adventure, after all!

We'll decide on the best setting & season (location or studio) during our pre-shoot chat. Got a wild idea?  Don't be shy, let it out!  I'm always game for some creative fun.   Like bundling up in goose down to get this image of a Clydesdale in the snow.  😉

I can help with wardrobe and accessories, too, if you want to be in the photographs.  We can even go shopping online if you want a really special look.  How about a golden gown for that horse & rider session on the Bonneville Salt Flats?  On top of that, I'll help you pose with your precious pup or horse so you won't feel so self-conscious.  I hate posing for a camera, too!

Finally, we'll nail down a date and time for your photoshoot, and we'll be all set!  And if the weather takes a turn (this is Utah after all), we'll reschedule to get that perfect day.

"Guardian of Corona Arch"

An On-Location Or Studio Pet Portrait Session

There's no need to fret over time limits - We'll let your pet or horse call the shots.  Their attention span and energy level will determine how long the session lasts, typically around an hour or so.

It's all about keeping your four-legged star comfortable and content, so we can capture their spirit and personality in the most authentic way possible.  Let's make it a fun and relaxing experience for all!

"Indigo Rose"

A Portrait Reveal And Design Session

After our shoot, I dive into our day's captures, handpicking the ones that truly sparkle to show you at your Portrait Reveal & Design Session. Imagine me as your personal art curator, but with a tech twist. Using my special software, we'll compare them all to find your favorites.  Then we'll see how these portraits look right on your own walls right down to the frames, making it easy to choose the ones that speak to you.

The Grand Finale?  I will help you design Museum-quality Painterly Canvases for your walls along with an exclusive Mémoire Lumière™ Album.  Each piece is a hand-crafted echo of joy and elegance from the world's finest print masters.  It's about bringing those heart-fluttering memories to life, in a way that makes every glance a reminder of the love and beauty your companions - your family - bring into your world.

 $500 In Artwork Credit

Use it for ANYTHING you want!

Step 3: Dream About Your Walls Coming Alive with Custom Masterpieces

"Elegance in Shadows"

Because Every Picture Tells a Story...

Join us in a celebration of love, life, and the endless stories that unite us with our animal companions. Your session isn't just about capturing moments; it's about creating legacies and championing a cause that believes in the power of inclusion and the spirit of adventure.

With heartfelt thanks for choosing us to be part of your journey,

Warmest Wishes,

Kim Kuhlman, Master Photographer, Certified Professional Photographer

Chile Dog Photography

"Cloud" - A Siberian Forest Cat

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase a full photography experience through my website towards the National Ability Center. After Red, White & Snow, I will present the National Ability Center with a check for $100 for every session purchased.

Portrait sessions are available in my Sandy-based studio or on-location within 50 miles of my studio.  Mileage beyond 50 miles is charged at $1.00 per mile.

The National Ability Center will receive $100.  You will receive a Custom Photographic Art Experience including:

  • A Pre-session Design Consultation via Zoom,
  • A Bespoke On-Location or In-studio Portrait Session within 50 miles of my Sandy-based studio,
  • A Preview Image on Facebook and Instagram,
  • A $500 Artwork Credit, &
  • A Reveal & Design Session via Zoom or in-person.

We can create custom wall displays for your home using the images from your photography session during our Reveal & Design Session.  Most clients end up wanting a large statement piece or wall gallery for their home plus and Album or Story Box so that they can have one-of-a-kind pieces of art featuring their very own family members.

Most people want a large statement piece of wall art for their home featuring their dog, horse or other pet's fine art portraits plus an Album or Story Box.

We can help design gallery displays that fit your space if you send us a picture of the wall of your home where you may want to display your portraits.

My Fine Art Museum Canvases start at $1395 for an 11x14.  My Metal Wall Art options start at $975. I even have painterly portraits available if you are looking to take your art to the next level, these start at $3595.

Both my Mémoire Lumière™ Album and my Walnut Story Box start at $3400 with 15 images.  The purchase of either earns you 10% off all wall art.

Each image you purchase comes with a digital file for sharing on social media and making small duplicate copies up to 11x14.

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